We Do Not Charge Till You Pick

We Do Not Charge Till You Pick

We Do Not Charge Till You Pick

Our History

Where It All Began

Square 4 Media was founded in 2018 by a family based in Dearborn, MI. Initially, the company offered specialized services in photography and web development, such as professional headshots and website development. The company quickly gained a reputation for delivering exceptional results and maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality. As their reputation grew, Square 4 Media expanded their offerings in 2019 to include design and printing, which marked the beginning of their journey towards becoming a full-service creative agency.
Over the years, Square 4 Media has worked with major brands including Qaisariah Souq, Century 21, Sciometrix, and the Michigan State Police. They consistently deliver innovative solutions that exceed expectations and provide unique and memorable experiences for their clients.
In 2021, Square 4 Media was acquired by Illusion, a graphic and design company. This acquisition has allowed Square 4 Media to significantly expand their capabilities by tapping into Illusion’s extensive resources and database. Today, Square 4 Media continues to provide cutting-edge mobile apps, search engine optimization, and digital marketing campaigns to clients worldwide. The company remains committed to delivering world-class creative solutions that drive results and staying on top of industry trends by utilizing the latest technologies. If you’re looking to achieve your goals, contact Square 4 Media today to see how their team of experts can help.

Our Mission

Our mission at SQUARE 4 MEDIA is to empower brands with unmatched professionalism and visionary creativity. Our goal is to improve your online presence and enhance your projects with carefully designed digital solutions that capture the attention and interest of your intended audience.

Our Vision

At SQUARE 4 MEDIA, we aim to be the leading digital agency for brands that want creativity, innovation, and performance. We aim to innovate constantly, combining the physical and digital worlds, and set new standards in digital marketing and brand improvement.

Our Services

  • Photography & Cinematography: Capturing your moments with precision and artistry.
  • Design & Print: From concept to creation, making your brand visually resonate.
  • Web Development & SEO: Enhancing your digital presence with optimized, user-centric websites.
  • Mobile Applications: Custom app development that meets your business needs.
  • Social Media Management: Building your online community with engaging content and strategic management.
  • Dynamic QR Codes: Connecting the physical and digital with innovative QR solutions.

What Sets Us Apart

At SQUARE 4 MEDIA, we pride ourselves not just on the breadth of our services, but on our ability to deliver integrated, end-to-end solutions that produce real, measurable results. Our team is a blend of creative visionaries and tech-savvy experts, each dedicated to providing outstanding service and upholding our core values of innovation, quality, and integrity.
Meet Our Team


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